*** Raising Hourly Wages Without an Act of Congress *** Stuffing The Recession
Raising Hourly Wages Across the Board
Without an Act of Congress

Upon my election, before I take the oath, I will arrange to meet the chief executives from Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, Wendys, Subway, Arby's, Hardy's, Churches, WalMart, Target, and KMart. Other fast food operations and restaurant chains shall be added to the list. We want them all regardless how big or small.

My purpose is to arrange an additional tabulation at the cash register. On every item we want an additional 2 cents tacked on. This is a voluntary program. Any patron can refuse the two pennies extra. In WalMart, a penny. Upscale Target, two cents.

At the end of the week, someone chosen by the lowly crew will meet with management (sounds like a renewal of union representation), and ratify the added up total of all the items that went out the door that week.

Up to $2 dollars extra for every hour worked will be included in the worker's pay envelopes. This additional money is not subject to income tax! 5% may be withheld for social security, to further enrich the social security system -preparing for the move to privatization. But in the event we do withhold 5 % for Social Security from the extra cash, employers are exempt from matching, so employers will not be forced into raising the sticker prices to cover an additional cost of doing business, because from the employer's bottom line, there won't be additional cost!

The overage, money above and beyond the untaxed $2 extra per hour in every worker's pay envelopes, will go into an interest bearing medical savings account with the worker's name and their portion on file. These medical savings accounts will capitalize the Doctor Direct Paperless Insurance program, an element of the LevDeal program enhancing the voluntary coverage of our 47 million uninsured citizens. This cash register LevDeal program is without any cost to our government, or to the taxpayers whose taxes fund the government! Rather pennies out of pocket from the not-rich to the working also not rich.

We are applying this same gratuity principle in every supermarket. The cash registers will be programmed to add an additional penny, or two, for every item scanned. In the dry cleaners we want to add a nickel on every shirt pressed, and a dime on every piece dry cleaned.

This measure will cover 90% of all the minimum wage jobs in the whole country. Every person in a lower echelon hourly job, working 40 hours a week will have an additional $80 in their pay envelope. $76 after 5% into the Social Security.

Relative to that extra two cents on every item in the fast food chains, with this program in place, a couple working the counter would have enough dollars coming in to afford their own little apartment, with a halfway decent car, and a DVD / VCR, have bucks for a pizza, and to go out on a Saturday night to see a first run movie like the Bourne Ultimatum.

Is it necessary to write an Executive Order to accomplish this $2 pay raise? I say knot. The president provides lead er ship, sense over ship, and shows the way. Establishing this much needed program begins with a presidential CEO jaw bone before the election, followed by an afternoon, schmoozing some CEO's with the promise we meet again in the Oval Office, in the spring, after the inauguration, before we go out on the White House back lawn for a photo-op, breaking ground for the president's private miniature golf course near the outside Finnish sauna next to the Quanset-hut elephant house for elephant summer guests by the big new pool housing well fed dolphins who jump thru hoops to entertain all the kid visitors to the White House.

In fact, my gratuity pay check plan for the check-to-check working not-so-rich will off set the coming upper middle upper class recession, that coming on by the bursting housing finance bubble.

Join my campaign.

Michael Stephen Levinson