Michael Stephen Levinson
is the independent poet prophet presidential candidate
for years by TV networks' news,
daily papers, too.

Slip off your shoes. See
nonpartisan political Bill of Fare:
the 2019 issues: Lev single payer
universal health care w/ out government;

Gulf Oil for Peace Lev plan 2010;

Lev-David ICBM Fly-Trap killer drones
to end Kim's ballistic missiles as implements of war!
Everyone else's ballistic missiles, too.

Uncle Sam Shazam Lev card
doubles the American people's credit worthiness !

Lev is this world's poet prophet.
He brings to Internet
his peace plan for all mankind.
His Inspired Television Scripture
for worldwide air.

Readers get their socks rocked off.


Click on cover. Screen blinks. See chapter headings. Enjoy 7 chapters.

universal health care
Michael Stephen Levinson
Plan for World Peace
beginning with a peaceful knight:

Lev is the poet prophet
inspired in the ocean wilderness
40 days and 40 nights

given living prophesy frum
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss,
Television Scripture
to be performed live.

knight on worldwide
his hand lettered poem of
world events foretold in advance
for all in the world at once,

the event prophetic
Television Scripture
Lev to perform from
as old blind Homer
dusk until dawn
every line mull-tie-ling-well rhyme

world orders
and word hors d'oeuvres.
Whirled Wide Television
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss,

all channels all peoples.

Imagine World Peace
does envelope our
good ship Mother Earth
your world renewed
a peaceful videoed
all channels
whirled wide TV night,
upon the
rosy petals of dawn

a twelve our video trans crypt.

Is that pox on yer lips
the Apocalypse sizz
Judgement Day Rehearsal?!


Television Scripture,
the prophetic new word order for
world renewal is here!

Click on Ali Lev poster.
93 hand-lettered double column pages
download to your desktop.

our poet prophet seeks
the nomination for president of ALL our political parties
to present a united face to the world!

Lev World Peace is on the table.

28.5 knock yer socks off seconds of
raw poet prophet 2014

Vote for LEV! Lev tells vision. World Peace
words given to Lev
when on a ship 40 days and 40 nights
in the ocean wilderness, 1969.

Whirled Pizza. Every buddy gets a slice. Worldwide.

In the land of the blind
poet prophet is the one-eye king of ling.

world peacekeeper
built these pages!
Lev was given
words for all man kind
whirled wide television
Living Torah frum G-d
for all of our channels
dusk until dawn!
Living Torah frum G-d
to be delivered on TV worldwide
this time around
all are
All our world's toes to go rah ha rah.

Michael Stephen Levinson
U.S. President

Poet prophet is the anti-Trump!

Television Scripture

Every line a delicate sensible rhyme.
Dante and Homer had patrons.

You can put money into my
Television Scripture world peace campaign.

Click on my shirt and tie image.
Give me a hand setting the stage to deliver world peace.

America is your land.
Let us keep our people safe from
North Korea's nukes and other war players.

Levinson for President

Upon our innaugural oath
Liar-in-Chief president Trump
proffered his first untruth:

"Today we are transfering power
back from D.C. to you, the people."

copyright Tom Toles
copyright Tom Toles

Pow-wow to the pea-pull.
Up with the folks.

Dump the chump Don el Dough Trump.
Vote Lev

"You are going to have such great health care
at a tiny fraction of the cost
and it is going to be so easy."
Trump campaigning in Florida, October 2016.

We are the anti-Trump!

feathers his nest
mass deporting immigrants.
Trump must be expelled. Throne out!

Our thin-skinned
Russian ruble launderer
Don el Dough Trump must be Impeached!
D. Chief Liar-Thief
convicted & evicted from our fief

ousted from our White House before 2020.


enables 15 million healthy people to participate
as contributor users of
so all our not-so-healthy people
also have access to care
at a price, reasonable and fair.
We expect, within 16 weeks,
60 million people will have migrated to

To create universal Lev health care
for all,
an eye deal Nobel Prize winning plan,
we need one
public interest televised
political health care
Levinson TV speech out loud live.

Universal Health Care
doesn't include Donald Trump's swamp.

A nationwide Lev-Care speech is needed.

Notwithstanding your "happy Lev" is a blacklisted poet,
one non-partisan all channels speech
and we're good to go

start saving America ( 1/2 ) trillion dollars yearly.
Likely more!

Lev deal:
attainable health care

without Uncle Sam
$ money $

See in advance
how we can save dope


Habits shall be broken,
our dope addicted souls brought back
into the stream of American life.

Donate to Lev Campaign

"We, the People"

is our political strength

our numbers, our democracy.
Our country sea to shining sea is us.
We, the independent majority!

See on this page
you our

self-exiled majority
may renew,
improve and replace
Washington D.C.'s


Obama Care Act.

of Congress are not required to start

our prophet Lev marketplace

universal health care follows:

As a people,
with one mass media TV speech
intro due sing
we, the people shall be enabled
to agree on we, our
country, America, docking ourselves
a plain & simple
non-governmental privately collected

for the help.
People serving people are entitled to a tip!

Our copper pennies are the key to
unlimited health care!
An extra 2 cents gratuity tip
on all our goods from
fast food chains,

supermarkets, Walmarts,
Kmarts & Targets, Home Depots, Stop & Go's,
every retail chain's two penny gratuities

is our way to underwrite e pluribus universal single payer care.
Two cents does it.

two penny
single payer
is a Nobel Prize idea-plan!

Upon our private
non-government public agreement
between us and ourselves,
involving only
extra two pennies an item,
the tip
slipped onto our tabs at checkout

without Washington D.C. lobbyists

Universal Health Care
is right around the corner for the whole country.

$ Two cents does it $
a very short road.
Health care soon for everyone!

without government or insurance company meddling
healthcare for all!

We start out two-penny tipping
15 million

healthy young workers
then step-by-step
from their weekly gratuities
$5 gets debited $5

to cover us all with
e pluribus
unum LEV health care!

15 million healthy workers
shall see
$5 debited weekly $5
of their gratuities
our health-care pennies
burning holes through their Lev-Care cards.

$5 of their weekly gratuity bucks
that began as loose pennies
inside of our pockets
get tossed en masse by the working healthy
own entry level sky's-the-limit

Catastrophic Illness Pool.

Week in & week out
our workers are
heaping $75 million
gratuity dollars
seventy-five million bucks
into their own personal
Catastrophic Illness Pool.

$75 million dollars X 52 weeks =
three billion nine hundred million
dollars into their
Nationwide Fountain of Healthiness
belonging to its users
who will be sharing their nation-wide
two-penny people-funded
Catastrophic Illness Pool
with the rest of us!

The first year
our pennies e quill near four billion dollars.

15 million hard working people
jerked out of their care
by Trump and his
Government House Senate scummies
will have guaranteed health care
six weeks after
our first
Lev-Care nationwide speech!

Within six weeks
covers not less than
15 million healthy workers,
based on our loose pennies out of pocket.

D.C.'s bureaucracy spending
is zero! nada! zip!

Within six weeks
from our cash registered two penny tips
$450 million gratuity dollars
get nested
in our/their Catastrophic Illness Pool

After a 2nd six weeks
$450 million more dollars are added.
Twelve million more people,
worker's families
are covered with our
zeroed out government

fully covered health care.

Then Obama's ACA people,
may begin their voluntary
Lev-Care migration:
top shelf care way less money!

within the year
our spare pennies shall
75 X 52 =
three billion
nine hundred million dollars
our / your
Catastrophic Illness Pool


whether or not you're subscribed to Lev-Care
as our pennies per item keeps flowing.

Heart transplant? C'mon down!

Every doctor and dentist benefits from
Dr-Direct marketplace payer plan.
You are the payer! You are boss in charge of your care!

Within the year
you every company
our whole country can
migrate to Lev-Care.
Save money.

Lev-Care is a world health solution
with principles applicable worldwide.
Every country has spare pennies.

is a capitalist structure owned by its users.
It's your world.
Other countries may adapt Lev-Care.

within two years
will save US
between 1/2 and 3/4 trillion dollars every year!

Our loose pocket change
unequivocally guarantees
your health care
without govt. bureaucracies!

The steady flow of
two pennies; a couple coppers

a common sense
loose change
on every item
covers at least 15 million
healthy young
workers starting out,
enabling the rest of us
(diabetic heart-diseased hypochondriacs)
to qualify for Lev-Care.

Upon burger, fries and drink,
the cashier asks,
"Is our gratuity OK?"
A nickel and a penny
is added to your tab.

Fifteen items at the supermarket
is an extra 30 cents.

So what.
Your out the door total tops more than $50 bucks!
Who can't handle a 30-cents gratuity?

With Lev-Care, retail chains save a lot!
Workers work happy, generating our gratuities.
Knowing in case they get sick
they're fully covered for health care.

Even coupon fanatics agree
an extra two penny gratuity on every item going to
many millions of our healthy workers makes good cents.

With a couple pennies out of pocket
our gratuities mean
we all have skin in the game

in clue ding
an undocumented worker ordering a bagel.

At the end of the week
our loose pennies are divided

according to the worker's total hours worked,
then deposited on their
Lev-Care debit cards.

As above, after six weeks
card holders may use their Lev cards
for other family members
and their significant others, too.

Upon coming down sick,
significant others and family

cover future treatments
with a weekly five buck user fee
(kids free)
earmarked for our
Catastrophic Illness Pool.

12 million more people,
full families are qualified for Lev-Care
with their additional $5 bucks a head weeklies
debited to our Catastrophic Pool.

C. H. I. P. kids are covered
with $5 bucks per single parent weekly
for the Catastrophic Pool.

At the end of another six weeks
at least 690 million dollars are locked in
we, the health-care exiled independent peoples'
Catastrophic Illness Pool!

We shall seek a one line change in our tax code:
Doctors can do $50,000 in charity care
deducted off their income tax
with an additional half (25 grand) deducted from their
tax-owed bottom lines.

The additional 25 grand is superb incentive!
Medical providers come into their own
Don el Dough Trump chunk:
Freedom of Income Tax!

D.C.'s tax loss is off-set by
Emergency Rooms open only for ambulatory emergencies
so our government's tax loss is a wash.

Freedom of Income Tax inspires!

Doctors and dentists will neon their windows:
"Don't have insurance? We are here. Walk-ins welcome."

From a one-line change in our tax code
millions of Medicaid candidates

and others
may be covered for their health care needs
tax-payer funded bureaucracies
many billions of dollars every year.

We expect to sponsor medical education for
doctors, dentists, and all related medical personal.
The more the merrier!

A medical pro will have 40 interest-free years to pay back
for their medical education,
able to work off their 40 year loans
treating Medicaid patients.

Economics 101:
governs end users' price.

With Freedom of Income Tax a realizable goal
and guaranteed money for med school

America will always have
a healthy supply of medical doctors.

What follows are paragraphs
from the original Lev Health Care essay 2007,
one paragraph devoted to a Dr.'s malpractice pool
partly co-sponsored by Lev-Care.

"We should be able to include at a minimum, $1 dollar extra
for every Dr.'s hour worked
into a Medical Insurance Savings Account.

Then down a very short road,
we could consider an additional, separate $5 deduction
earmarked for a
Dr.'s Medical Malpractice Pool
a pool which Dr.'s will all certainly join,

the $5 debit
whenever you use your Medical Assurance debit / savings card,

for by matching your debit
doctors can lower their outrageous insurance costs
required for their practice of medicine."

For the first three months, employers get one half penny
for every one hundred pennies coming in,
to program their cash registers and arrange distibution of
our voluntary gratuities onto Lev-Care debit cards.
The sticker prices won't be going up from this
workers' guaranteed health care plan.

One half of one penny out of each fifty item bundle
goes to the chains only for the first three months,
for managing workers' incoming health care gratuities
passing through their registers.

This is
a plus minus management spreadsheet wash!

The chains are entitled to
be paid from the health care fund for their set up costs.
Good for them and us.

The other half penny goes to
Lev- Care
then after three months

one full penny out of every 50 item gratuity dollar

goes to

Out of every one hundred

gratuity pennies, one penny,
one purr cent of 1 %
funds Lev-Care management.

The other 99 cents is for operating call centers
building neighborhood hospitals,
underwriting rural hospitals arranging super fair
prescription drug fulfillment for our whole country;
also establishing a fail safe
fraud busting
health care database.

can do all of the above.
The U. S. government cannot.
Your wealth is your health.

Instant money talks.
Our strength is we, the people unbreached
each and every one of us,

single payers
paying for all our health care needs
with our neighbor's good cents capping a six-nickel tip.

Dems and Reps are the same.
Different name.
Without refrain
might we
our founder's freedom scheme
swamp their drain?

We must
ignite our Lev-Care plan
with Public Interest mass media speech.

Without government intrusion
or insurance company bureaucracies
on its own shall cover 60 million families

within 16 weeks.

Only the politishinz despise these ideas.

Click for the original / updated Lev-Care essay.

We have rights.
We, the people have a constitutional right
an entitlement to uncensored
Public Interest
mass media political speech,

the people's air waves / where to air our views.

Our strength is our numbers.

I seek the nomination of ALL political parties
So we present a united face to the world!

New World Hors D'oeuvres,
Lev prophetic satire of current events.
Click to download your own free pre-pub Word copy.


is Our National Security Issue.
For World Peace

we must nationalize our Gulf of Mexico fields.

Our Fresh Oil Revenue Streams shall
repair the ecological damage to our Gulf of Mexico,
eat our domestic real estate taxes, eat
hourly wage taxes, eat our public debt principle,
and forgive all education loans
before lunch.

saves every house, pays off the banks,

lowers every mortgage payment,
wipes Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac slates clean
while siphoning the spread
to lower the boom on our National Debt!

Judge for yourselves
Lev Mortgage Program qualifies for a Nobel.

The above underlined are links to the background,
see why our Lev Mortgage Reform is so doable:

Every homeowner benefits from
a better mortgage payment
with the 3% spread from
52 million monthly house payments
ear-marked for drawing down our national debt.
Everyone gains, even renters.

Uncle Sam Shazam
doubles the credit worthiness of our whole country.

Everyone benefits. Even dead-beat ghosts.

The essay, Uncle Sam Shazam, is high tonic prose
Uncle Sam Shazam could be typeset as a poem.

Here is your Uncle Sam Shazam Lev Deal:

We issue 2% Shazam Savings Bonds
and pay off everyone's credit card debt,
moving that debt to Uncle Sam Shazam cards
interest rate 7% to 12%.

Deep ending on your cred
the spread between 2% Shazam bonds
and the in tryst on your Uncle Sam Shazam cred it card
shall be applied to further drawing down our national debt!

Soon enough
we shall begin reversing the public debt
that drains our private wealth.

The card companies will have millions of reliable customers
with clean cards burning holes in their pockets.
New companies will form / businesses will start to boom
hourly wages will truly start rising
The poverty line poor with Social Security
will also get a $500 Shazam backed by their check.

Mortgage Reform
Worthy of a Nobel Prize!
Uncle Sam Shazam Credit Card
doubles the credit worthiness of our whole country
the Shazam spread,
drawing down our public debt!
Lev Health Care!
Every Dr. and Dentist will endorse it.
What else dost thou want?
Besides world peace and food chain harmony whirled pizza?
Every buddy Getz a slice?


Click on Lev YouTube mini-movie.
Hear and see your poet prophet retell our creation.
Adman and Even Bac in Edum Gar Den.

Enter "jacklegs jumping up" in NY Times search slot
on The New York Slimes home page.

Count the years (decades)
U.S. Presidents have been aware of
an unknown jacklegs
poet prophet
locked in J. Edgar's FB-Eye corral.
I was given the words for all mankind on a ship
40 days and 40 nights in 1969.

What do you know, grasshopper?
FBI opened their case on me in 1958. I was 17 yrs old.
J. Edgarina's original COINTEL case, stamped
is still open. I'm approaching 80.

OK ! Click, flip the page to
see how common sense
cracks the pharmaceutical narcotics'
epidemic in USA,
the Lev original heroin essay
published 1972.

We are the anti-Trump!

Center for Innovations;
First is our ballistic missile fly trap. See
Lev-David (ICBM) Fly-Trap


to dismantle
N. Korea's ICBM threat
high above the cloudy skies

Lev Fly-Traps,
designed and ready
need only $bucks$ for building
fly-trap drones
to target, track and greet
Kim Jung Un's
intercontinental ballistic missiles
high in the heavens
thousands of miles from our shores.

Lev Fly-Trap drones can
hang out
close to N. Korea

high in the sky
24 / 7
waiting for a missile collision

Kim Jung Un's atomic missile-decision.

Confucious say: Atomic
missile eggs in one basket no go.

When USA Lev Fly-Traps are live in the sky
Kim ballistics are useless!

When implemented,
The Lev anti-ballistic missile measure,
eliminates the despot Kim's
atomic threat.

Time is ripe for
Kim of North Korea and Moon of South Korea
to meet, embrace, and trust each other.

Michael Stephen Levinson
is here
to show
the way to

Coming World Peace
and food chain harmony.

Whirled pizza
for all the world's people on
Good Ship Mother earth
at once.

Nothing less.

Music is democratic
on good ship mother urf!

See our Dump the Trumpians music plan:
Clean Out the House and Senate Rock & Roll Festivity

Woodstock 2020 Yippie Redux!


The BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill
explicitly foretold in The Book ov Lev It A Kiss c. 1971
(sea for your self)
blew out oil at 6,000 lbs pressure per square inch.

B-ritish P-etrolium
tapped into the deep sea seam,
all our Gulf oil drillers were drilling for.

That is the seam of oil
beneath our deepest seas
that runs the girth of good ship Mother Earth!

There is as much oil in that Gulf of Mexico seam
as all the oil pumped the last 70 years in Saudi Arabia
with a couple hundred more years to go.

(Hush: the same Saudi oil seam, the same oil quality, the same oil pressure).

As long as the Saudis nationalized their oil wells,
why can't we nationalize ours?
Every country runs their own oil except U. S. A.

The reason is Congress.
Our Congress rather's BP and Amoco lobbyists
pump millions of dollars into
Congress Members'
reelection pockets instead.

A simple lease nationalization is a shredder deal.

Then we are the largest oil producer.

We decide who we are selling our oil to,
and for how much ducats,
not Amoco or BP.


When we are pumping our own oil,
we can tell Iran: develop nuclear
and USA will
undersell our oil to all your customers.
Iran will not be able to sell a single barrel of oil.
We explain to Iran the cost of continuing to develop nuclear
is to be
put out of the oil business.
Expect riots.
Iran cannot purchase food without oil revenues.

We lay down the law with
Trump's mentor puppet master,
Vladimir Putin:

Fiddle with our domestic elections one more time
pull a single Russian string
U. S. A. guarantees
we shall sell $5.00 per barrel oil worldwide,
that $5.00 barrel price good for ten years.

How about our first 25 million barrels a day,
every day @ $3.00 per barrel worldwide?
The Russian people, bankrupted will march on the Kremlin.
The Saudis will start cashing in our Savings Bonds
to pay for up-grading their armaments.

"Upon our Gulf of Mexico American Oil for Peace Plan,
we cancel the BP oil leases.
BP can pump our oil at 25 cents per barrel
or we hire our ally, the Saudis who are experienced at pumping oil.

National Security
is our issue.
The right to
nationalize Gulf of Mexico oil
belongs to we, the American people.

Every Florida House an Energy Incubator

Every Florida house; houses everywhere the sun shines
can be reroofed with solar voltaic shingles,
a passive panel running the roof line to heat water steaming hot;
a pair of residential wind turbines, one at each side wall
generating electricity 24 hours a day regardless you're home, at work or play.

Duke Energy is for Duke stockholders
sniffily opposed to consumers saving money.
We, the people
shall arrange the bonds, purchase Duke Energy's stock
turn Duke Energy

into a cooperative owned by the users,
structured similar to our Federal Credit Unions.

Duke will be owned by we, the users.
Upon that we will all save tons of money.
Duke's 8 million dollar CEO will be on unemployment.

The Lev
residential energy incubator deal will also
generate thousands of genuine long term Florida jobs
besides jobs in every other state where the sun shines.

We announce to the world, especially Iran and Russia
we intend on selling our oil worldwide never mind $5 a barrel, $3 per barrel
for the next ten years.
From Iran we want peace, not regime change.

We want peace.
Russia needs to
get out of Crimea and Ukraine,
besides our elections
or forget about selling any oil.

I repeat: we use our oil money to clean the Gulf of Mexico,
fund university edu for all who qualify and
pay all residential real estate taxes nationwide,
pay all taxes on hourly wages, wipe out the national debt and more!

Include funds to launch
Lev 10,000 Clipper Ship Building program
to get our commercial fleets built and ready to sail

wherever there is water and people need work!
Lev 10,000 clipper ship building plan, online for years,
was adapted by the Rolls Royce Company.

Regardless $3 or $50 per barrel,
we shall apply the balance of our oil proceeds
to eliminate our national debt
with the strongest dollar in the world.

A super strong dollar means we get the most for our money.

Four or five million $20 per hour entry level jobs in USA
Wherever there is water and people need work!
Click to sea
Lev Deal clipper ship building jobs plan

Clipper ship building
$20 hourly entry working with wood?
Click on the ship.

Millions of long term jobs building 10,000 hybrid clipper ships
insures U.S. remains the world's economic leader.

Detroit should become a major hybrid clipper ship building port.

Defense? De Fence is De Ocean
a great place to stash Lev David ICBM Fly Traps.

Find in full view up and down this page
doable innovative solutions
for every issue facing our nation.

I bring to our political table
more than my inspired Television Scripture
to perform, as old blind Homer,

dusk until dawn,
on worldwide Radio and TV
rivaling Dante, of Divine Comedic fame.

Bookmark this page and return,
grow and learn, absorb Lev political plan,
all the reasons
to support me, Michael S Levinson for U.S. President
then world leader
instead of checking a box for an empty suit.

"I created a Vehicle for World Peace.
The New York Times columnist, Thomas L. Friedman,
is my choice for Deputy Secretary of State.

My world wide dusk until dawn
spoken poem for all mankind,
with every line a delicate sensible rhyme,
is going to air on every television channel
and all our radio channels, world wide.

Thomas L. Friedman will go around to all of the countries
not especially our friends today,
where he, Thomas L. Friedman has personal friends; and,
as Deputy Secretary of State
Tom will convince those governments to
tune in to my world peace poem."

The Flood Insurance Answer!

We replace private flood insurance
with a single-payer nationwide solution:
Climate Calamity Insurance

A simple Act of Congress assessing every house
$25 monthly for calamity insurance
Is acceptable.
Calamity Insurance will cover all flash floods,
giant fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, more.

With global warming
Climate Calamity can happen anywhere!

Tornadoes are coming to Maine.
$25 per month per house will immediately begin
piling up billions of bucks to cover residences.

FEMA's focus should be on public infrastructures.
The FEMA bureaucracy can be done away with,
with FEMA bucks left in the Treasury.

When Calamity strikes
The Governor declares a State of Emergency
first responders come out
the governor gets Emergency FEMA money from the Treasury
and begins repairing roads, sewers, the grid, etc.

Eliminating FEMA bureaucracy means calamity jobs get done.
The required $25 per month National Climate Calamity Insurance
covers private homes and businesses,

FEMA money, without FEMA bureaucrats shall finance repairing the grid.
Our own flood money,
separate from government,
enables all the climate calamity victims to repair their houses.

Liking Lev-Care health plan?
Cough up some bucks!

Support our constructing a scale model
LevDavid ballistic missile FlyTrap
To save
all the innocent bystander peoples
on good ship Mother Earth.
Fork over some bucks!


You want world peace to begin with a world wide peaceful night?
Then pitch in to construct Lev David ICBM Fly Trap.
For world peace and food-chain harmony click on five spot above.
Poet Prophet needs dough nation.
LevDavid ICBM FlyTrap
to end North Korea's missiles as
tools of war.

You want fair health care
and down a short road actual
World Peace? World Peace to begin with
an all channels whirled wide peace full night?

Then Michael Stephen Levinson the poet prophet is your man.

Click on "WANTED" Muhammad Ali / Lev poster below.
A desktop copy of The Book ov Lev It A Kiss is yours via mouse click.
Judge the inspired work of art God gave to His poet prophet
with key world events explicitly described in advance.

The poet will tell you he own le held the pen.
After you download
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss,

after the opening two hymns and a prayer,
after you read your story of Adman and Even
scroll to page 19.

The left column on page 19 begins
with the c. 1971 description of
the arctic ice caps melting:

"All this car bin mah / Nox ide in the air
Bruth er you aint / God ath leetz feat
You roas tin pole
/ Er ice caps gun er
Mel din you gunnuh / gedda steam bath."

Toward the bottom of the right column
on the same page nineteen,
see the description of the
North Korean despot Kim Jung-un,
before he was born; copyright 1971.

"I have a date with the universe I cannot be late.

I could have been early."

Levinson 4 President

The Book ov Lev It A Kiss renews our democracy.

Read the unadulterated Church Committee Book II

FB-Eye did not cease their
domestic counter-intelligence activities
exposed in the Church Committee Books II and III.
FB-Eye was in charge of what the Church Committee was shown.

Here is Church Committee Book III

Lev campaign dough nations
won't initiate a Fed Burr of Eye investigation
into your life and times.

However, the longest deepest file
ever created on an American citizen
is the file Hoover's Fed Burr of Eye maintains
on the Lev life and times to this day!

We believe
the corral around Lev right to deliver public speech,
especially as a candidate for office, is actively in place.

Lev emails and postings are robot-sniffed.
Where poet prophet surfs, he is tracked.

changed the name of their domestic
Counter Intelligence Program,
and from that day forward stamped all domestic activities
COINTELPRO never went away.
Their agents happen to be
the models 4 intel-bureaucracy in the Jason Bourne action thrillers.

This web domain ha pens to be
the only place in cyberspace where people can
actually download a readable copy of the Church Committee Reports.

Google Church Committee Reports. Find that for yourself!
The best most readable copies are here.

Upon election, one of the first things is
Merge Cash In Advance (CIA) and Fascist Bureaucracy Ink. (FBI)
Into one agency.

Upon that,
civil or criminal, domestic or foreign
all intelligence gathering shall be conducted under the same roof
with one clearly crafted statute
Interference by the Agency in any person's domestic life
regardless political or private.

Unless the person is suspected of
planning radical terrorist activities in America.
Then we should be watching 24 / 7 ready to grab the wanna-be terrorist
after they purchase their first pressure cooker.

In the land of the blind the one-eye man is king of the ling.

Upon election to the presidency,
I, Michael Stephen Levinson will meet with Members of Congress
and together
get to the bottom of the Federal Bureau of Eye's
illegal domestic activities that weakens our independence
and to this day keeps American citizens afraid and unsafe.

Instant goal
Lev-Care launch
$5 to $50
From Me
Your down load of
The Television Scripture.

From the wealthy folks
more way more
their healthy chunks
prime time air
Public Interest Television,
live in TV station
health care vision

newspaper editors, reporters,
talking heads there,
every quest yin answered.

Viewers and listeners can judge
is their sled to better fare,
2nd opinions always available, to be sure.

While we are there
viewers and listeners together
may spout
his whale of a tale
over the air
setting his cosmic stage
to deliver world peace and
food chain harmony
for all the worlds' peoples at once
Lev tells vision
art from the heart
his inspired
whirled-wide plan for world peace
in spite of J. Edgarina's
Fed burr of Eye corral
"our happy Lev"
finally unbound
into our
Public Domain.

I have raised the issue of my Television Scripture
my to be "spoken poem for all man kind"
lettered in double columns
to perform live whirled wide on worldwide television,

the seam in the tap-a-stream
World Peace and food chain harmony;
The first peaceful night in five thousand years of recorded
history on good ship Mother Earth.
All the world's peoples doing the same thing at the same time
Wa ching the Big TV Show
Due Tur(n) On Oh Me!

Sing you lurn issue: Are my inspired mull tie ling well narratives
fun to listen to?
Decide for your self.

We seek
Public Interest televised forums
to broadcast Lev Health Care
and Lev plan for delivering our world to peace.

with your support
may foster the airtime.
Participating press may
advertise their papers
to enlarge online digital readership
without shouldering
total airtime cost for producing Public Interest
Lev-Care press forums.

Our entitlement to allowable airtime
with or without
noose paper participants
may be a prime impressive lesson in the art of doing a broadcast TV deal.
Money Talks!
We are Citizens. Let's get United
Cough up dough.
Get Television Scripture!


Levinson 4 U. S. Senate button

Scroll the page
Find your favorite common sense solution.

marijuana for health
Over the whole of the good ship mother urf,
there is only one annually renewable natural resource
capable of providing a major share of the world's paper and textile needs
and most of the world's industrial and home energy health needs,
while simultaneously reducing pollution,
naturally rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere.


Our mini-short term goal:
ten million acres of hemp planted
within 90 days of Lev elected to U.S. Presidency.

Thomas Jefferson when he was our ambassador
smuggled the first hemp seeds out of France
to sprout in America!
George Washington grew hemp at Mt. Vernon!

Were these two of our founders alive today,
would you want them jailed for importing seeds and growing hemp?

Read marijuana Executive Order circa 2000.

Medical marijuana is important.

I am Lev mom mother Mary Lev, inspiring my son from uh pin Heaven.

"A quest yin occurs when you quest your chin and take it all in."
In Florida, Administrative Rule 1S-2.027 states
"(d) If a voter abbreviates, misspells or varies the form of the name of a candidate
e.g. (Lev
short for Levinson)

in the write-in candidate space,
it shall not affect the determination of whether the voter has made a definite choice."

Lev Television Scripture first four pages of script.

Vehicle for World Peace

Sea Lev Bach's Phonics!

Click on Betty Dolphin for the Phonics Box
one column from the double column The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
the Television Scripture lettered to perform live worldwide
on all channels television,
from dusk until dawn,
for all the world's peoples to participate in at once!

America is your land.
Let us keep our land safe from nuclear devastation.

Fund my world peace plan
on to the world stage.
First have yourself a test drive.
Click the poster of Muhammad Ali and me above.
There is plenty information here!
So what you get on Fed Burr of Eye's party line,
A three-day Snowden echo in your phone.
You only live once.

(me) is here with His prophetic chants
to chart the course for world peace on good ship Mother Urf
to deliver World Peace
for all the world's peoples at once.
When The Big TV Show ha pens
every creature on our planet benefits.


is the three letter nickname that

as a write-in vote for
Michael S Levinson
in Florida.
Everywhere else you must
write in full
Michael S Levinson.
Practice write now!
Write Lev name in full
three times
right this minute.
Lets do wit. With our pens and paper
Wherever you are, together
we can break the two party's lock on our politics!


when 2020 comes
do not check a party box for more U. S. gridlock.
Skip the political parties' televised
lesser-of-two-evils crap-shoot.

How about the write-in slot?
Almost every state has a write-in slot
vote LEV write in
Michael Levinson for U. S. President, America 2020
Lev nickname 'LEV" counts as a legal vote on Florida's write-in ballot:

In Florida, Administrative Rule 1S-2.027 states
"(d) If a voter abbreviates, misspells or varies the form of the name of a candidate
e.g. (Lev
short for Levinson)

in the write-in candidate slot,
it shall not affect the determination of whether the voter has made a definite choice."